Cruisin’ for Poker

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus, Poker Cruises started the 2021 - 2022 cruise schedule late. The schedule is now released. The information is listed below and detailed on the website link  

If you like to play poker, why not enjoy it while taking a cruise on the high seas?

Remember “The Love Boat”? If you were old enough to watch TV from 1977-1987, This popular series made cruises a must do vacation experience. A marriage of hotel amenities and high sea adventures became irresistible. Enter the 21st Century with a resurged interest in poker and cruise lines ready to oblige, you have an ideal getaway package for many players.

Card Player Cruises has been a staple in the business for over 25 years, has a calendar of cruises scheduled in 2021 - 2022 that will suit any card player’s preference.

Starting with a Seven Night Alaska Glacier Cruise Departing from Seattle on Friday, September 3, 2021. The poker room opens every day where you'll be playing on the beautiful Ovation of the Seas

Next up, a seven night Eastern  Caribbean adventure embarking from Miami, FL on Sunday, November 7,  aboard the Oasis of the Seas.

Enter 2022 and climb aboard the Symphony of the Seas in Miami, FL for a seven day cruise in the waters of the Eastern Caribbean, on January 22.   

 How about a Western Caribbean trip aboard the Liberty of the Seas? This one departs from Galveston, Texas for seven nights on April 3. As always, there's plenty of poker.  

Beautiful Hawaii is on the schedule for ten nights on April 25 aboard the Ovation of the Seas. 

There's also a seven night run through the Alaska Glaciers  on August 29, departing from Seattle, WA. The Quantum of the Seas navigates this one.

Perhaps you'd like Bermuda for five nights on October 8 on the Adventure of the Seas starting out at Cape Liberty, NJ.  

2022 wraps up with an eight night Southern Caribbean trip on October 29 on the Explorer of the Seas Departing from Miami, FL.

Poker Games Available Onboard

Here are the offerings of games available:

Limit holdem: $2/$4 – $4-$8 and higher upon request
No–limit holdem: $1/3, $2/5, and higher upon request
Omaha/8: $4/8 and often higher ($10/20 on up).
Mixed games: Mixed games are available upon request.

There are also tournament games offered on the schedules.

Rules of the Game

 If you’re green or new to the game, complimentary lessons are on the schedule. These lessons are always fun and informative. In a short period of time, you will learn the rules of the game, etiquette, some strategy, and will be able to play with other beginners in a very friendly, low-stakes game. The lessons are generally late morning on the first full sea day of the cruise.

Whether you play the game frequently or occasionally, and want to brush on your skills, check out this how to play site:

Good Luck!

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