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In May, 2018 the Supreme Court overturned PASPA (Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act). This decision now allows states to offer sports betting. Fantasy Sports sites are now considering offering sports betting in states that permit it. Say tuned for updates.

You’ve seen the ads on TV about Fantasy Sports during major sports games and heard them on the radio, offering thousands of dollars in prize money for minimal entry fees. Amid some controversy it’s growing by leaps and bounds. New York state jumped on the legal bandwagon just in time for the 2016 NFL season.

So what is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Instead of betting on the outcome of a live sports team in hopes of winning, in the DFS games you select individual players from several teams at playing positions that score points, such as in football, (Quarterback, Wide Receiver, etc.), to make up your fantasy team.  If your selections score the most points, you win cash prizes.

Forbs magazine reported in 2014 that 32 million Americans were engaged in FS totaling $15 Billion in entry fees. In 2015 over 56 million fans played. The prize amounts paid out to winners are humongous. FanDuelhttps://www.fanduel.com/contests

 A popular fantasy website, boasts $75 million paid in prize money every week in the 2015 NFL season! There’s a wide choice of league structures to choose from with entry fees ranging from free to $10,000. Another popular website is DraftKings, which has similar rules and prize pools.

Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

In addition to the popular  NFL, DFS also offers contests for the NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball), NHL (hockey), WNBA (women's' basketball), PGA (golf), UFC (fighting), and Horse racing.  

How to Play DFS

Log on to the site and register with a user name and password.

Go to the lobby and select the contest you wish to enter. There's a contest for everyone's budget. The NFL is the most popular,here's how to play:

Pick your players. From the Sunday line up of games. Select (1) Quarterback (2) Running Backs (3) Wide Receivers (1) Tight End (1) flex player, (Running Back or Wide receiver)and (1) complete defensive unit. You must stay under the posted $60,000 salary cap and pick players from at least three different teams and no more than four from the same team. (Except for the defense). You can evaluate player stats and other relevant information while selecting your players.

Review the scoring rules. Each time your player(s) score points, there’s a conversion chart that shows you how many points the actual score is worth in your contest. A few examples are (6) points for each QB passing touchdown, (-1) point for each interception, (6) points for each RB rushing touchdown, (5) points for each 50+ yards field goal, and (1) point for each QB sack by your defensive unit. You can change your lineup right up to the first 1:00 PM kickoff.

Monitor the contest(s) on your phone, tablet or computer. When your fantasy players' score, you score.Track your points while watching.

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