Let It Ride

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Let It Ride is a popular poker variant table game that has two bonus options that are attractive to players despite their huge house edge.  

How to Play Let It Ride

There are six or seven seating areas. Each betting zone has three circles where three bets of equal amounts must be placed. Also included are additional betting areas where two optional bonus bets can be positioned. Note that in order to play Let It Ride a five-dollar minimum table would actually require a total wager of fifteen dollars per hand plus the bonus bets. The dealer will then pitch three cards face down to each player and also place two community cards face down in the center of the table.

To complete a five card poker hand players use the community cards. The objective of the game is to acquire a good poker hand by combining your three cards with the two community cards. The dealer does not play.

The player first reviews his or her three cards and must decide either to let the bets ride or ask for one back. A decision to let It ride will require the player to place the three cards face down under the first betting circle. When retrieving a bet, the player must gently scrape the cards on the felt inboard. The dealer will return one unit to the player.

The dealer then turns over the first community card. Players again have the option of taking back the second bet or letting it ride. After that round is completed the dealer reveals the last community card. All players must let the third wager ride.

 All winning five card hands require at least a pair of ten’s or better. Payment is made according to a predetermined pay table. Winning amounts paid vary between casinos depending on jurisdiction.

Common Pay Table

Pair of Tens or Better 1 to 1

Two Pair                              2 to 1

Three of a Kind                    3 to 1

Straight                                5 to 1

Flush                                    8 to 1

Full House                           11 to 1

Four of a Kind                      50 to 1

Straight Flush                       200 to 1

Royal Flush.                         1,000 to 1

The house edge is about 3.5%

Optional Bonus Bets

For $1 you can wager that the outcome of the final hand will range from three of a kind which pays $5 up to the Royal Flush that nets $25,000. This sounds inviting but gaming experts put the house edge for the following pay table over 13%:

Three of a Kind              $5

Straight                         $25

Flush                             $50

Full House                     $200

Four of a Kind                $400

Straight Flush                $2.5K

Royal Flush                   $25K                        

The 3 Card Bonus option is based on the value of a player’s initial three cards. The maximum amount players are allowed to wager varies between casinos. Here are the payouts:

Any Pair                       1 to 1

Flush.                          3 to 1

Straight                        6 to 1

Three of a Kind.            30 to 1

Straight Flush.              40 to 1

Mini Royal (Suited QKA)  50 to 1

The house edge is about 6% for this bet. Although this option can be tempting keep in mind that the chances of being dealt at least a pair on your first three cards are about one in four.

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