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Casino Over Under

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The casino game called Casino Over Under (COU) is an easy game to learn and play. The objective is to wager on the total value of three cards after seeing only one. The game was developed and marketed by Casino Over Under LLC and is currently licensed for the state of Mississippi, and is up and running at the Magnolia Bluffs Casino in Natchez, MS. Washington State has also licensed the game. PA casinos may be next, with a possible launch at Mt. Airy Casino. Other jurisdictions are being considered for trial. The game is also available online in overseas jurisdictions.

COU is a good alternative to blackjack for players who feel overwhelmed by having to learn BJ basic strategy. If you’re into over/under sports betting, you may also enjoy playing.   

How This Casino Game is Played

This casino game is played on a blackjack like table with spots for up to seven players and a house dealer. Four, six, or eight 52 card decks are used. The values of the cards are similar to blackjack: 2 through 10 are face value, J, Q, and K are worth 10 each, and Aces count only as 11.

All players must first make an Ante wager in the appropriate Betting position. Players may also make an optional Bonus bet, which pays if won even if the original over/under hand is lost to the house. The dealer does not play.

The dealer will then deal each player one card face up. Based on the value of the up card, players must then make one of three decisions:

Make an Over bet

Make an Under bet


The over/under wagers must be equal to the ante. After the wager(s) are placed, the dealer deals two more cards face up concurrently to each player and announces the three card total value for each participant.

Here's a brief video by Jason Kobal, inventor of COU on how to play the game:

Win/Loss Totals

Here’s how the win/loss totals are determined: If a player bet the over, the total of the three cards must be Over 23. One example would be: Ace (11) + Q (10) + 6 = 27. Players that bet the under must have their totals Under 18. Ex: 2 +3 +J (10) = 15. There are no pushes. Winning hands will collect even money for the Ante and Play bets. Losing hands will forfeit both wagers.

Bonus Wager

Winning bonus bets for this casino game pays according to the following pay table, depending on the over/under bet:

Hand Total                   Payout

13 through 26               Loss

12 or 27                        1 to1

11 or 28                        2 to 1

10 or 29                        3 to 1

9 or 30                          4 to 1

8 or 31                          5 to 1

7 or 32                          10 to 1

6 or 33                          50 to 1

As per the aforementioned, this wager will pay even if you lose your ante and play bets. For example, If you have a 6 card and bet the over, and the total results are 6, 2, 2, = 10, you lose the over & the ante but you will be paid 3 to 1for the bonus.

House Edge and Strategy

The house edge for the ante bet has been calculated at under 2%. For the bonus bet the edge is 5.6%. These are based on a six deck shoe. The edge does vary depending on the number of decks in play.

Strategy is simple. If you have a card valued at 5 or less, bet the under. With a 6 or more, bet the over. Never fold.

You can down load the app and play for free at Have fun and Good Luck!

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