Casino Comps

If you are thinking about earning some casino comps (freebies) during your stay, you’ll be interested to know that you can even if you’re not a high roller, aka, a whale.

How Casino Comps Work

Comps (complementaries), are valued at a portion of a players expected loss to the casino over time. For example, the house edge on blackjack is 0.5% if correct basic strategy is used by the player when the game rules are favorable to the gamer. This means that a player’s theoretical loss over time will be about fifty cents for every $100 bet. Players can win too. That’s gambling. But over time, the house wins, and comps keep players coming back.

How to Get Casino Comps

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Sign up for the Players Club card without hesitation. All casinos have them available at no charge. Each time you use it at a slot machine or table game you build up points. Of course the more you play the more points you earn. Depending on your level of play, these can be used toward meals, hotel stays, exclusive event invitations, show tickets, and more. Points are determined by the amount of coin-in (credit-in) played at a machine, or the average bet size at a table game. All casinos have different rules. For example, some casinos offer cash back based on the amount of coin (credit) played at a machine. Once you’re established as a steady player you’ll receive offers in your mailbox (snail mail and/or e-mail.)

If you’re a table game player that wagers $25 or higher per hand, ask the pit boss to rate you. He’ll keep track of your average bet for as long as you play. If you play for two or three hours always ask if you are entitled to any comps. Keep in mind the type of comp you get will depend on the game you are playing. For example, three hours of blackjack at your theoretical loss (TL) of only 0.5 % (with perfect play and favorable house rules) will earn you less in comps than three hours of Caribbean Stud Poker where your TL is 5.2%.

The same applies to slot or video poker machines. The amount of givebacks depends on the quantity of coin in that you put through the machine(s). The game you play also matters. For example video poker will earn you less in comps than an equal amount of coin in for a slot machine since video poker has a skill element to it, whereas a slot machine does not.

When to Talk to a Host

If you’re planning a stay for a few days call the casino and ask to speak to a Casino Host. He or she can offer you special room rates right away and will book your room for you. Tell the host what games you play and what your betting level of play is for both you and yours. You may also want to enquire about making an upfront cashier deposit. If you’re staying for four days and deposit $2,000, you can draw out $500 a day to prove your betting level. If you’re playing tables get to know the pit crew. This can go a long way with your host relationship.

Here's a little tip if you're a low limit table player at $5 or $10 minimum tables. After you give your players card to the dealer, the person that logs it in and returns it to you is the Pit Boss. He or she is responsible for tracking your average bet. They'll watch your first and sometimes second bets to determine your average. Keep your eye on them because there're usually very busy in the pit and may not re-log your action for an hour. Make a larger bet the first couple of hands. You'll stand a better chance of being tracked as a larger bettor.   

Remember, as a responsible gambler, always let the casino comp your play. Never play just for comps. Good Luck!

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