Three Card Poker

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Three Card Poker was first introduced as a casino table game in the 1990’s. Since its inception, the game has become one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide. Almost every casino offering table games has this one.

How to Play Three Card Poker

Before play starts you must make an ante wager. The dealer will then give you and him or herself 3 down cards dealt from a single 52 card deck. If you have a strong hand, make a play bet equal to your ante wager. If not you may fold and forfeit the bet. If you win, the dealer must qualify with a queen or higher for you to collect even money on both wagers. If the dealer does not qualify, you will be paid even money for your ante and your play bet pushes. If the dealer’s hand beats yours, the house collects both wagers.

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Bonus Payout

There is also an ante bonus payout when you are dealt a straight or higher. It’s paid whether or not you lose your wager:

Straight                             pays 1 to 1

Three of a Kind                   pays 4 to 1

Straight Flush                     pays 5 to 1

Pair Plus Option

The pair plus bet is an optional wager you can make that is independent of your ante and play wagers. You will be paid the following if you have at least a pair:

Any Pair - 1 to 1

Flush - 4 to 1(3 to 1 in some casinos)

Straight - 6 to 1

Three of a Kind - 30 to 1

Straight Flush - 40 to 1

Your chances of being dealt at least a pair are about one in four. You should expect some type of winning payout around 25% of the time. Pay tables vary between jurisdictions. For example, the above pair plus table has a house edge of about 2.3% whereas the edge jumps to 7.3% when 3 to 1 is paid for the flush in the jurisdictions where that lower payout is offered.


Fold with any hand less than J, 7, 4. Otherwise make a play bet.

There are also a number of Three Card Poker variants available in some casinos.

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