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The poker game of Criss Cross Poker (CCP) was first introduced at the 2015 Global Gaming Expo in Vegas. In rare fashion, this casino game quickly found its way to casino floors. Currently CCP can be found at casinos in states from California to Maine. What’s unique about this game is that there are two ways to win with one hand.

How This Poker Game is Played

The objective of this poker game is to have a winning five card poker hand which pays according to a poker ranking pay table. The dealer does not play. A standard 52 card deck is used. Before play begins, Players must first make two ante bets of equal size, one in the across betting circle and one in the down betting circle. An optional 5 card bonus bet is also available that pays according to poker ranking in the 5 card community hand.

The dealer gives each player two hole cards face down and places five community cards face down in a cross pattern. Three horizontal and three vertical.

Based on the hole cards, the player then has the option of making an across bet from 1 to 3X the ante, or fold the hand.The dealer will then expose the two outside cards on the horizontal row of the cross.The player then has the option to make a down bet from 1 to 3X the ante, or fold.The dealer then exposes the two outside cards on the vertical column. The player must then make a middle bet from 1 to 3X the ante or fold.

After the middle card is exposed, the players use their hole cards to make two five card poker hands. One across and one down. The middle bet pays according to the ranking of the across and down hands.

Pay Table

The player is paid, or not, according to the following pay table:

Royal Flush                         500/1

Straight Flush                     100/1

Four of a Kind                     40/1

Full House                          12/1

Flush                                  8/1

Straight                             5/1

Three of a Kind                   3/1

Two Pair                             2/1

High Pair (J-A)                    1/1

  Low Pair (6-10)                   Push

All Other                            Loss

Optional Bonus Pay Table

Five Community Card Bonus bet pay table:

 Royal Flush                         250/1

Straight Flush                     100/1

Four of a Kind                     40/1

Full House                          15/1

 Flush                                  10/1

Straight                             6/1

Three of a Kind                   4/1

Two Pair                             3/1

Pair Sixes or Better             1/1

All Other                            Loss

Strategy and House Edge

Here is the recommended strategy:

 Across Bet – fold if your hole cards are unsuited, unpaired, and the highest card is 2-5. If you have a suited Jack-Queen or any pair, make the 3X raise. With all other cards, make the 1X bet.

Down Bet – The same applies to the down hand except you have already seen the two across cards, which can aid you in your wagering analysis.

Middle Bet – You’ve now seen four community cards from the 52 card deck. If you made at least one 3X bet, don’t fold.

 The house edge is for this poker game is calculated at about 4.3%, and 3.5% for the optional Bonus wager.

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