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Dennis Occhino has been casino gambling for more than 35 years in jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, as well as online casinos where legal.

His gaming column called Lady Luck appeared monthly for eleven years in a local seniors publication entitled Forever Young, in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY region.

Dennis has also been published in the Buffalo News, USA Today, and Southern Gaming magazine.

A Rough First Time Experience for Dennis Occhino

The mind-set for is a result of Dennis' first experience with casino gambling while vacationing in Las Vegas in 1979. On his first walk down the strip from the Tropicana where he was staying, he visited each major hotel casino along the way, from Flamingo to Sahara Avenue—and won! On the walk back, however, he lost everything he won.

 The then cheap buffets were not a consolation.

Arriving at the airport for his flight home, he had $25 in his pocket. While Dennis thoroughly enjoyed the sport—and Las Vegas—it was then he decided to find a way to enjoy the games but manage his money better when playing.

Time to Research, Learn, and Practice

Dennis researched gambling at libraries and eventually created his own home library for study and reference in pre-internet times. His interest and expertise grew along with the industry and the mainstream’s fascination. During the past couple of decades, casino gambling’s popularity has spread across the world and to the internet. Yet most players are losing more than they need to and enjoying their play less.

 Dennis traveled extensively for his career.  It was during his business travels and vacations that afforded him the opportunities to visit nearby casinos where he could put his newfound knowledge into practice, learning intelligent play and responsible money management first hand. Dennis is committed to sharing both with his readers so they have more of an advantage in playing as recreational gamblers.  

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