Sic Bo

Sic Bo, meaning dice pair has its roots in ancient China. Historians believe that the game was first played with bricks tumbled between two plates and an overturned bowl. Eventually this evolved to three dice shaken in an electronic cage shaker, which is common in today’s casinos.

The game is very popular in Southeast Asia, Korea and in Macau, China, the world’s newest gaming destination. It is lesser known in the west, although it can be found in some upper end casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City, usually confined to areas designated for Asian games.

The Objective of Sic Bo

The objective is to wager on the outcome of various numerical groupings when three dice are rolled. Winning combination payouts from the fifty allowable bets range from 1:1 to as high as 180:1.

Sic Bo is played on a large rectangular table with a house dealer, although table layouts, components and payouts will vary slightly between jurisdictions. There are fourteen betting stations but there is no limit to the number of players. The table minimum is five dollars. Three dice numbering one to six sit on a vibrating platform under a glass dome.

Bet options are shown in pictorial configuration with their payout amounts. Wagers are placed directly on the desired combination(s). The dealer initiates the first round of the table’s play by activating the vibrating platform. When it stops he will enter each die face number onto a keypad that lights up the winning combinations. Then rotating around the table, each player takes his/her turn at vibrating the dice in an electric cage shaker after placing their bets. The dealer will once again enter the die face numbers onto the keypad.

 There are seven different types of bets:

Small or Big Bet

Betting that the total will be between 4 and 10 (small) or between 11 and 17 (big). A win pays even money at 1:1. These are your best odds even though any combination of three equal numbers are a loss to the player. This provides the house edge at about a 3%.

Single Number Bet

Betting on a single number (1-6). If the selected number turns up on one die; payout is 1:1; two dice; 2:1; three dice; 3:1.

Two Number Combo

Betting that a combination of two particular numbers will appear. Payout is 5:1.

Three Number Total Sum

Betting on the combined total of all three dice from 4 to 17. Payouts range from 6:1 up to 60:1 as outlined on the table.

Double Bet

Betting that the resulting roll will contain two of any number. Payout is 10:1.

Any Triple Bet  

Betting that the resulting roll will contain three of any number. Payout is 30:1.

Triple Bet

Betting that the resulting roll will contain three of a specific number. The payout is huge at 180:1, but this is the worst bet in Sic Bo. There are 216 (6x6x6) possible dice combinations and only one can be a winner. True odds; 216:1.

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