Texas Holdem Bonus

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Texas Holdem Bonus is the casino table game version of Texas Holdem poker, the game of choice for professional poker players worldwide. When playing Bonus, it’s just you against the dealer, so there is no need to worry about the other players. If you like poker, you’ll like this game. Chances are you’ll find Holdem Bonus at every major casino.

How Texas Holdem Bonus is played

One single 52-card deck is used. All players must first make an ante wager. An optional bonus bet is also available.

After receiving two face down hole cards, players must decide to either fold or make an additional bet to see the flop, which is a bet to see the next three Community cards. The flop bet must be 2X the ante amount.

 After the flop, the player may either check (make no bet but remain in the hand) or make a turn bet, which is a bet to see the 4th card. The turn bet must be equal to the ante. After the turn, the player may check again or make a bet to see the river card, which is the 5th and final card. The amount of the bet must be equal to the ante.

The player and dealer then play heads up to make their best five-card hand using the five community cards and his or her own hole cards. The highest poker hand is the winner.

If the dealer wins, the player loses all wagers with the possible exception of the bonus. If the player wins, the flop, turn and river bets will pay even money. In order for a player to be paid on the ante bet he or she must have a flush or higher. (Some casinos will pay for a straight or higher.) Otherwise the bet will push. Hands of equal value between player and dealer will push on all bets except the bonus.

If bet, the bonus payout is based on the player’s two hole cards and will be paid even if s/he loses the hand.Pay tables may differ between jurisdictions.

Bonus Payouts

Hand                                          Payout

Player & Dealer have AA              1000/1

Player AA                                   30/1

Player A, K suited                       25/1

Player A, Q or A,J suited              20/1

Player A, K unsuited                    15/1

Player KK, QQ, or JJ                    10/1

Player AQ or AJ unsuited              5/1

Player  2 through 10                    3/1

Not all jurisdictions offer the player & dealer AA, or the player  2 through 10 bonus payout.


Players should consider folding an unsuited 2/3 through 2/7. Otherwise bet the flop.

Players should be aware that you will need a decent stake to buy in. If you play at a $5.00 minimum table and you bet all positions: ante, bonus, flop, turn, and river, one hand will cost $30.00. The house edge for this game is about 2% but jumps to 8% when the optional bonus bet is made.

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