Four Card Poker

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When playing Four Card Poker you are dealt 5 cards to make your best 4 card hand. The dealer takes 6 cards and turns one face up. The reason for the extra dealer card is to safeguard the house edge. Before play begins, you must first make an ante bet, then, after the ante bet is made, you must decide if you want to play or fold. If you call after evaluating the strength of your hand, you must make a play wager of either one, two, or three times your ante then discard one card to make your best 4 card poker hand. The dealer then turns over his remaining 5 cards for the showdown. If your hand ties or beats the dealer’s 4 card hand, you win even money. If the dealer prevails, you lose. Unlike Three Card Poker, a tie wins and there are no qualifiers.

Four Card Poker Bonus Payout

If you are dealt one of the following top three poker hands, you will receive a bonus payout for which you are paid even if you lose the hand to the dealer:

3 of a Kind            2 to 1

Straight Flush       20 to 1

4 of a Kind           25 to 1

 Aces Up

There is also an Aces Up wager that is optional and independent of your play wager. If your four card hand is a pair of aces or higher, you’ll win the amount shown in the following pay tables:

Pair of Aces         1 to 1

2 Pair                  2 to 1

Straight               5 to 1

Flush                   6 to 1

3 of a Kind           7 to 1

Straight Flush      30 to 1

4 of a Kind           50 to 1         

Basic Strategy

There is a simple basic strategy that is recommended when you’re playing Four Card Poker. Here it is:

Pair of 2’s or less – Fold

Pair of 3’s through 9’s – Raise two times bet

Pair of 10’s or higher – Raise three times bet

The house edge is about 2.8% without betting the Aces Up wager, and about 3.4% when betting that option.

There is also a variant of this game called Crazy 4 Poker

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