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Sex and the City

Sex and the City slot machines are fun to play, especially if you were watching HBO between 1998 & 2004 and were a fan of Sex and the City, the sit-com about four inseparable gals confiding in each other while living it up in the Big Apple. There was Carrie, Samantha,  Charlotte, and Miranda. On the sidelines was Mr. Big, the big man with the big bucks. Well, the gang is back, now recast into multi-level stand alone progressive penny slot machines ready to give players some of those big bucks.

How to Play Sex and the City Slot Machines

Players can play up to four games at once on one machine that has four split screens. The minimum bet is 50 cents (credits) for one game up to a 200 credit wager to cover all four games with 30 pay lines in each game. For larger returns 400 and 600 credits per spin can be wagered.

Bonus Feature

A bonus feature is triggered when 3 heart shaped diamonds appear on a game screen in any position. A 12-stop virtual wheel appears when a bonus round is initiated. If the pointer lands on:

Simply fabulous! When the wheel pointer lands on a diamond ring, ten jewelry boxes appear and the player is prompted to open four of them to reveal a total credit win.

 Perfect Present- Players are awarded five free games if the pointer lands on present. At the conclusion of each free game scatter pay symbols award players with credits.

 Change of a DressLand on a dress and pick which one of the gals changes their outfit. When the matching outfit is selected, bonus credits are added to the meter.

 Hello loverLand on a shoe and select a shoebox that will walk you through a five free game award.

 Brief video clips from the TV series will play during bonus selections.

Progressive Pick Bonus

The five level progressive pick is initiated when the pointer lands on any one of the four gals or Mr. Big. Players are prompted to select one of three icon boxes; two contain credit values and one contains the progressive award amount. Mr. Big carries the largest progressive amount. With a max bet of 600 credits players get to select all three boxes for a guaranteed win of the progressive award.

 So the next time you’re in a penny slot mood you may want to give Sex and the City a try. Good Luck!

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