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Money$uit 31

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Money$uit 31 is a casino game where the winning objectives are based on the players’ card point values based on blackjack scoring and the number of cards with identical suits in a three card hand.

Money$uit 31 Casino Game Objectives

The objective of Money$uit 31 is to have a winning three card hand by combining a point value of 17 or higher with up to three suited cards. The dealer does not play. The point values are scored as in blackjack: 10-J-Q-K are worth 10, Aces are always 11, and the remaining cards are worth their face value. Only suited cards are tallied to determine the point totals with one exception: 3 of a kind (trips) can be totaled for a potential win.

How the Money $uit is Determined

This casino game is played with a standard 52 card deck on a blackjack like table with seats for up to seven players and a house dealer. Players must first make an ante wager.  The Money $uit is then determined where the dealer shakes two custom die in a shaker located in the center of the table. One die will show Red or Black on each side and the other will be display a Heart/Spade and Diamond/Club as shown below.  The face up displays after the roll determine the Money $uit. For example, if one die displays Red and the other shows Diamond/Club, the Money $uit is Diamonds. In none-dice jurisdictions, the Money $uit will remain constant.

How this Casino Game is Played

An optional Natural 31 wager can also be made where the win is determined by the value of the initial three cards dealt.

The dealer will then pitch three cards to each player face down. After reviewing their three cards, all players must make one of two decisions:

Fold - Players forfeit the ante and optional bets.

Play – Make a Play wager equal to the ante.

If a player makes the play bet, a fourth card is placed face down in the Draw position. This gives the player a chance to improve his or her hand. Cards are then turned face up by the dealer to determine win/loss. As per the aforementioned, only suited cards are totaled with the exception of 3 of a Kind (Trips), which is the only non-suited hand that pays. 

If a player has a winning hand composed of the Money$uit, as determined by the Money$uit card, the winning amounts are multiplied according to the Money $uit Multiplier (M$M) on the  pay tables. 

The following pay tables are the winning amounts for the points shown on the Play wager. The Ante bet always pays 1 to 1 except for Any 17 on the base game, where the bet pushes.   

Base Pay Table 

  HAND                                    PAYOUT        M$M     

   Any 17                                  Push.               -

   18-23                                    1 to 1.              -

    24-27                                    2 to 1.            X2

    28-29                                    3 to 1.            X2

    30                                          4 to 1            X2

    Trips                                      6 to 1.            -

    31                                         10 to 1.         X2

    Mini-Royal                             15 to 1        X3

Natural 31 Paytable

    16-21                                1 to 1       -

     22-25                                5 to 1     X2

     26-28                               10 to 1    X2

     29-30                                15 to 1    X2

     Trips                                  25 to 1     -

     31                                      50 to 1    X3

  Mini-Royal                            100 to 1   X3

House Edge

The house edge for the base game is about 3.04%. The edge for the optional Natural 31 bonus bet is about 5.22%.


The following basic strategy is recommended for this casino game. Play if you have:

 A suited 15 or better (two suited cards)

 3 unsuited cards, each with a value of 7 or higher.

 2 opposing suits with a value of 9 or higher.

 A pair of 7’s or better.

 A pair of 2’s – 6’s holding a suited 10 or better.

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