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Match 31

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The casino game called Match 31 is a table game where players are dealt two hole cards face down. Two community cards are also placed on the table where all players use one of the two cards to complete a three card suited hand.

Casino Game – Match 31 Objective

The objective is for players to combine a three card suited hand with a point value of 17 or higher in order to win. The playing card point values are scored as in blackjack: 2 through 10 are face value, Jack, Queen, King are worth 10 each, and Aces always count as 11. The players hand point values are matched to a pre-determined pay table. The dealer does not play. There is also an optional Money$uit Second Chance Bonus Wager where  each player will have the option of placing an additional wager which the players can place to have the chance to make a second three card hand with the players original two hole cards and the Money$uit card.

How to Play Match 31

Players must first make an ante wager.

The optional second chance bonus bet is also made at this time.

Players receive two hole cards face down.

After reviewing their cards, players must decide to either fold or play.

Folding forfeits the play and ante wagers. The play bet must be equal to the ante.

Two community cards and one Money$uit card are dealt.

Depending on the hand results players will be paid (or not) according to the following pay table:

Score                                            Paytable

17 – 21                                          1 to 1

22 – 27 & M$ 19 – 21                    3 to 1

28 – 29 & M$ 22 – 27                    5 to 1

30 & M$ 28 – 29                            10 to 1

Trips & M$ 30                                15 to 1

31                                                  40 to 1

Money$uit 31                                 75 to 1

M$ Mini-Royal (Q, K, A)                 150 to 1

 Ante pays even money if the play bet wins.

Here’s the paytable for the Second Chance optional wager:

 Score                                            Paytable

17 – 21                                          1 to1

22 – 26                                          8 to 1

27 – 29                                          15 to 1

30                                                  30 to 1

Trips                                              40 to 1

31                                                  100 to 1

Mini-Royal                                      250 to1

House Edge

The house edge for the base game is about 2.38%. The edge for the optional Second Chance bonus bet is about 2.75%.


The following basic strategy is recommended for this casino game. Play if you have:

  Any Pair

  Suited 9 or higher

  Any single 10 value card

  Unsuited 9 – 5, 7 – 6 or better

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