Blackjack Rules: 
Spanish 21

Blackjack rules for Spanish 21, an offshoot of the original blackjack game, can be beneficial to the player if played properly. Spanish 21 is found at many casinos that offer traditional blackjack.

The Spanish was derived from some Spanish card games with 48 instead of 52 cards. The four 10’s are removed. With 24 to 32 cards removed from 6 or 8 deck games, the casino can liberate some rules:

Player Friendly Blackjack Rules

Players can double down once with two or more cards on any total, including after splitting.

Players may split cards of equal value, including aces up to 4 times.

Hitting and doubling on all split hands is allowed.

Late surrender is allowed.

Double down rescue rule: After doubling if a player is dissatisfied with a non-busted hand, s/he may rescue (take back) the doubled portion and forfeit the original wager.|

House Benefit

The blackjack rules have an advantage however to the casinos that offer this game. With 25% of the 10 value cards removed:

The dealer will bust less often.

The player is dealt fewer blackjacks.

Doubling down is less effective.

Bonus payouts for being dealt a blackjack with more than 2 cards are very player friendly:

A player BJ always beats a dealer BJ - pays 3 to 2

A player hand totaling 21 always beats a dealer BJ - pays (up to) 3 to 1

player hand with 5 cards totaling 21 pays 3 to 2 

player hand with 6 cards totaling 21 pays  2 to 1

player hand with 7 cards totaling 21 pays   3 to 1

 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 with mixed suits pays  3 to 2    

 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 with same suit  pays 2 to 1

 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of spades  pays  3 to 1

Bonus payouts always apply unless a dealer has a blackjack. Doubling on any hand also voids any bonus pays.

Super Bonus

In addition to the bonus payouts, blackjack rules allow a super bonus that is paid when a player has a suited 7-7-7 and the dealers up card is any 7:

 $5 - $24 bet wins $1000

 $25 + bet wins $5000

All other players will win $50 as an envy bonus.

Doubling down or splitting any hand voids all super bonus pays.

If all of this temptation isn’t enough to make you want to sit down and play there is also a side bet that you can make:

Dealer Match

For a $1 minimum-up to the amount of your 21 bet, a player can wager that either one or both of his cards will match the dealer’s up card. There are 5 payoffs:

One non-suited match - 3 to1

Two non-suited matches - 6 to 1

One suited match - 12 to 1

One non-suited and one suited match - 15 to 1

Two suited matches - 21 to 1

House Edge

The house edge for Spanish 21 is 0.4% if dealer stands on soft seventeen, 0.7% if soft seventeen is hit.

Spanish 21 basic strategy differs from traditional Blackjack basic strategy, requiring study to get the maximum play value for your dollar.

Here are the Spanish 21 basic strategy plays:

Hand        Dealer Up Card   Action

5-9               any                  hit            

5+cards         2-7                  hit 

10-11            2-7                  double

10-11            8-A                  hit

12-14            any                  hit

15-16            2-6.                 Stand

15-16            7-A                  hit

17-21            any                  stand

A3-A6            any                  hit

A7-21            any                 Stand

pr. 2-7           2-7                  split

pr. 8's            any                  split

pr. 9's            2-9                   split

pr. A's            any                   split

all other pr.    any            play as hard hand

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