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Free Bet Blackjack 

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Blackjack rules for Free Bet Blackjack are played like traditional blackjack  where the house uses six decks, dealer hits soft seventeen, a player blackjack pays 3/2, re-split pairs up to four hands, and double after splitting is allowed. There are the two variations for this game:

Variation One

Double Down - A player may double down on any hard total of 11, 10, or 9.These are hard totals only, no ace) The house then gives the player a free double wager by matching the player’s original bet with a free bet button. If the dealer wins the player loses his or her original wager only. If the hand is a push,(no win, no loss) the player keeps the original wager only. If the player wins, he or she keeps the original wager plus winnings equal to double that wager.

Variation Two

Pair Splitting - A player may split any pair except 4’s or 10’s up to four times. The player receives one free split wager each time. Doubling down after splitting is allowed. If the player so chooses, he or she will receive a free double wager.

Why all this generosity? Instead of the dealer busting with a total of 22, where the house would pay winnings to all remaining hands, 22 becomes a push. Therefore all remaining player hands also push.

Blackjack Rules Side Wager

Push 22 Side Bet - This is an optional wager where a player may bet that the dealer will push with a total of 22. If the player wins, ascending payouts are made depending on the cards. Such as: any 22, same color 22, (all black or red) or a suited 22. (All diamonds, spades, etc.)

The house edge for Free Bet Blackjack is about 1.0%

Strategy for this game is simple. Besides exercising basic strategy, take advantage of every opportunity to free split and free double.

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