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Blackjack rules for the blackjack variant called Blackjack Switch allow you to play two hands at once. If you’re a seasoned player that sometimes plays multiple  hands you probably had this scenario: After placing  your wagers you were dealt two terrible hands, perhaps a fifteen (5, 10) and sixteen (10, 6) against a dealer 9. You would love to switch the top cards from each hand to make up a strong 20 and an 11 for an opportunity to double down. Of course this is cheating and back in the old days this maneuver could have had you escorted to a dimly lit back room. 

Well, now it’s legal because Blackjack Switch is here. This game is popular in casinos everywhere. Rules may vary slightly between jurisdictions.

How the Game is Played

Six or eight decks are used in a continuous shuffle machine.

A player must play two hands with an equal wager on each hand.

Two cards are dealt face up on each hand as in regular blackjack. The dealer shows one up card.

 A player then has the option of switching the top card in each hand to create a better hand. (As explained in the aforementioned)

After the switch is made the dealer checks his or her hole card for a blackjack with an ace or ten up card. The hands then play out as in regular blackjack.

 Most casinos hit soft seventeen. Some jurisdictions stand on soft seventeen.

A player blackjack is paid immediately on the original hand only. A hand switched to make an ace/ten is counted as twenty one.

 All doubling and splitting is allowed including double after split. Double down bets must be equal to the original wager. All pairs except aces may be re-split once.

As in every game that offers more exciting player friendly options, a casino will change some rules to maintain a house edge, and Blackjack Switch is no exception.

Blackjack Rules Changes

Here Are the blackjack rules for blackjack switch. All Blackjacks pay even money instead of the usual 3/2. Also keep in mind that any hand switched to make an ace/ten in not a blackjack. Therefore, the hand will not be paid until the round is played out.

 If a dealer draws to a 22 all remaining hands at the table push instead of a bust as in conventional blackjack, where all remaining players would win. This is important to understand because it alters basic strategy from conventional blackjack.

Super Match Side Bet

As in most table games these days, there is an optional side bet based on your four up cards. A winning wager will be paid the following to the player even if he or she loses the hand:

One pair – 1/1

Three of a kind – 5/1

Two pair – 8/1

Four of a kind – 40/1

The house edge for blackjack switch s 0.6% if the dealer hits soft seventeen, a very low 0.3% if the house stands on soft seventeen.If the Super Match side bet is made, the edge jumps to 2.5% 

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